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stoolWhat’s in Your Colon?
If you answer ‘Yes’ to the questions below, you may have five to 10 pounds of rotting food trapped inside your digestive system!

check_yesDo you experience gas and constipation more than twice a week?
check_yesDo you get sick more often than people around you?
check_yesDo you have low energy and experience frequent fatigue?
check_yesDo you occasionally forget things or experience brain fog?

Junk Food The fact that so many people complain of low energy and indigestion may be linked to the food we eat. Our digestive systems are not designed to handle diets of little-to-no fiber, too much fat and too much sugar. Before long, undigested food and mucus begins to stick to colon walls.
Fast Food

Nutrient-Absorbing Cells Covered in a Glue-like Fecal Sludge!?

It’s a thin layer at first, but over time, it thickens up and becomes a sanctuary for disease-harboring germs like yeast, bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

A dirty colon lets valuable food nutrients slip through unabsorbed. Energy declines as your intestines become inflamed. This inflammation affects intestinal cells.

They begin to weaken. As a result, toxins and partially digested (i.e. rotting) food and waste matter "leak" into the body, eventually seeping into the bloodstream.

When this occurs, you may experience chronic fatigue, foggy headedness, headaches, skin rashes, allergies and asthma.

Good v Bad Bacteria!
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bad colon
good colon

Bad Colon

A congested colon that is clogged with rotting, decayed food, poisons the body and stops nutrient absorption. That makes you sick... and tired.

Good Colon

One serving of BetaFlora® with Betaglucan dispatches 50 billion health-protecting bacteria to your congested colon. These handpicked, gastrically tough strains evict the bad guys, cleaning and revitalizing your gut. You’ll love your newfound energy!

BetaFlora contains helpful bacteria that can actually eliminate gas and constipation.

BetaFlora clears out built-up fecal matter on your intestinal walls, wiping out bad bacteria and locking in better health by sweeping away pathogens and other toxic substances.

Additional benefits include a stronger immune system, tremendous new energy reserves, long nights of deep, restful, recuperative sleep, and better-looking skin and hair! BetaFlora...
• Cleans & Purifies the Most Neglected of GI Tracts!
• Eliminates Worrisome Constipation!
• Gets Rid of Embarrassing Gas!
• Banishes Post-Meal Bloating!

A dirty digestive tract is like having a hole in your gas tank. You’ll never get to where you going because you’ll constantly run out of gas!

It’s a fact. People are happier and healthier when they’re active and vital. But if your digestion is clogged up and dirty, you’ll never enjoy pure, natural energy.

BetaFlora cleans and restores inner health, taking you from nutrient-starved — to energy-saturated — in as little as 3 days!

A Message from a Pharmacist Who Knows your Problem.


Dear Friend,

Do you have digestive problems? As a professional pharmacist, here’s what I told customers who complained about chronic indigestion:

“Ignore It and Die!”
Digestive problems don’t go away by themselves. You can certainly live with the pain and discomfort, but I wouldn’t.

A lot of people do choose to live with it, which is why America has the highest rate of colorectal disease in the world.

Every four minutes someone in America is diagnosed with colon cancer. Every nine minutes someone dies from it.

“Treat the Problem not the Symptoms”
Over the years, I’ve filled and re-filled thousands of prescriptions for laxatives and other gut-busting remedies.

All had the same effect, nothing! These medicines relieve symptoms, and do nothing about the underlying problem, which is...

“You May Be Rotting Inside”
Over time, thanks to lousy food choices, your colon can become encrusted and clogged up with fecal material. How do you know?

Your hair and skin will change. Energy will drop. And you’ll experience recurring bouts of gas and constipation. And, all this means...

“You May Be Poisoning Yourself”
As conditions in your colon worsen, toxins and poisons seep through your bowel wall, and spread through your body. When this happens, you get sick.

Your digestive system depends on the health of billions of friendly bacteria living in your colon These microflora help digest food, fight off sickness, and prevent bad bacteria from taking over.

A small amount of bad bacteria normally co-exists with the good in an ideal ratio of 85% good, 15% bad. But sometimes, large colonies of ‘bad’ bacteria quickly build up and overwhelm the ‘good’ guys, causing gas, bloating and diarrhea.

“Laxatives can’t help. Neither will Extra Fiber”
In fact, there is only ONE WAY to fix the problem. And that’s by crowding out the bad bacteria with large amounts of good bacteria!

Replenishing good bacteria can not only break down and eliminate old, fermenting food in the colon, but also help change the ‘environment’ so bad bacteria can’t come back.

As a pharmacist, I was aware that most probiotic formulas, nutritional supplements containing digestion-boosting microflora, were weak and poorly formulated.

My customers demanded a formula that was far stronger, with results that lasted much longer. When I couldn’t find one that worked...
I made my own — BetaFlora

Are you ready to say good-bye to embarrassing gas and aggravating heartburn, to endless bouts of constipation, stomach upset and diarrhea?

Introducing the first broad-spectrum, therapeutic strength probiotic miracle that contains immune-boosting BetaGlucan!

BetaFlora® is a high-tech approach to eliminating everyday digestive complaints. Two capsules a day is all it takes to help...
• Eliminate Problems like Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloating, Stomach Pain, Cramping and Nausea!
• Strengthen & Reinforce Your Weakened Immune System!

BetaFlora® delivers fast results thanks to 50 billion probiotic bacterium gleaned from 12 bile-and-acid resistant species of friendly microflora. Each selected to:
• Improve nutrition from food
• Support healthy digestive function
• Reinforce and fortify immune response to disease

BetaFlora is made even stronger with the addition of BetaGlucan, nature’s most powerful immune-stimulating substance.

Upset Stomachs Ache for BetaFlora!
In as little as 7 days, BetaFlora can transform your life.
• Clean and purify your colon, so you can become regular again!
• End gas, constipation, diarrhea and post-meal bloating!
• Improve nutrient absorption from food for natural energy!
• Supercharge your immune system, fighting nasty colds and flu!
• Watch your skin and hair become more youthful looking!
• Support healthy cholesterol while boosting your metabolism!
• Produce lactic acid for healthy intestinal pH!
• Look and feel better, clear away brain fog to think faster!

What Makes BetaFlora® Better?
There are 50 billion reasons in every serving!

Leading healthcare experts recommend BetaFlora

BetaFlora® is Stronger -- BetaFlora contains a whopping 50 billion CFUs per two-capsule serving compared to much less in other brands. Some brands contain as little as 1 or 2 billion CFUs! Read the label!

BetaFlora® is Tougher -- BetaFlora packs in 12 handpicked, superior microflora strains compared to only a few in store brands. Some formulas contain only one strain! Check the label!

BetaFlora® is Smarter -- BetaFlora is not only more powerful, and faster-acting, it’s also

more bioavailable. Each probiotic species in BetaFlora is handpicked for maximum gastric stability. And each strain is bile-and-acid resistant.
Only BetaFlora contains the powerful immune stimulant, BetaGlucan!
BetaGlucan Unleashes your Immune System’s Version of a Germ-Eating “Pac Man,” that Runs Around Gobbling Up Germs & Pathogens!

BetaFlora® is Unique -- BetaGlucan in BetaFlora helps turn weakened immune systems into cold-fighting fortresses. This naturally occurring substance activates macrophages, large white blood cells that trap and engulf bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. It also helps wake up other immune fighters like B-lymphocytes, suppressor T cells, as well as natural killer cells, too!
You won’t find a more powerful, faster-acting digestion miracle, anywhere!

“Transform your Broken Down Digestive System into an Energy-Generating Furnace and Enjoy Super-Immunity, Improved Weight Control, Youthful Energy and Lasting Relief from Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Yeast Infections, Constipation, Allergies and more...”

“Two BetaFlora® Capsules a Day Help Fight Off Colds and Flu
While Cleaning Out Your Entire Digestive System”

Consuming BetaFlora® capsules containing billions of good bacteria can help:
• Break down, absorb and finally eliminate old, fermenting food in your colon
• Change the ‘environment’ so bad bacteria will not move back in
• Strengthen an overtaxed immune system so you can fight off colds and flu
• Reduce occasional gas, bloating, and other minor digestive issues 

• Promote normal and regular bowel movements 

• Support healthy cholesterol levels

Get Rid of Heartburn Where It Starts!

Gentle and safe BetaFlora attacks acid reflux from the bottom-up, extinguishing heartburn flames by restoring digestive health, naturally!

Every day, millions of Americans get that familiar painful burning feeling in their chest or throat When acid from your stomach backs up into your esophagus, you’ve got heartburn.

“Get heartburn more than twice a week and your discomfort undergoes a name-change. Doctors then call it GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.”

In addition to the burning, GERD can cause a nagging cough, asthma, difficulty swallowing and ulcers in the esophagus. It can also increase your chance of developing esophageal cancer.

Heartburn is big business. Nexium, a popular acid-suppressing heartburn remedy gulped down sales of $4.6 billion in 2005.

But here’s the really shocking news...

Some heartburn products may actually not work well at all!

Heartburn drugs do nothing to address to the underlying cause of the problem — they simply block or suppress stomach acid. The less stomach acid there is available to slosh upwards into the esophagus, the less heartburn there will be. But when you stop taking the drug, the heartburn comes back.

BetaFlora controls excess acid safely, providing natural and lasting relief from the symptoms of heartburn by restoring digestive health and optimizing intestinal microflora balance.

I was able to stop taking Prilosec entirely!
“I want you to know how pleased my husband and I are with your product, BetaFlora. I have been suffering with acid reflux for some time, and was taking Prilosec OTC, which was controlling the problem. However, I wanted to be able to quit taking the drug, so my stomach acid could do its job. I started on your BetaFlora, and took it as advised me, and in a short time, I was able to stop the Prilosec entirely. After about three months, I had an antibiotic for a respiratory condition, which brought back the reflux problem. Once again, I started the BetaFlora, after I had finished the antibiotic, and it’s doing the same good job for me. My husband is using it now, and he is having good results also. Thanks You!”
M.B., Salem OR.

“At a time when newspaper headlines warn of deadly, antibiotic-resistant super-bugs that make immune cells literally explode on contact, BetaFlora with BetaGlucan is a breakthrough whose time has come. This one-of-a-kind probiotic miracle not only eliminates gas and constipation, it also helps strengthen and re-energize weak, fragile immune systems. Imagine, one formula that eliminates all of your digestion woes and fights off the germs that make you sick!”

Ever wondered why people today are more sick than ever?

Doctors suspect the reason is the very drugs they have prescribed for decades. The overuse of these drugs has stripped away our natural-born immune powers.

Modern antibiotics, blood pressure medicines, cholesterol drugs, are all equal-opportunity destroyers of the good bacteria that protect our health.

Once health-protecting bacteria are gone, disease and illness set in.

The only way you can re-introduce health-protecting bacteria back into the colon is by taking capsules filled with probiotic bacteria like BetaFlora.

End Your Gas Crisis with BetaFlora

Pharmacist-formulated BetaFlora can turn sick and queasy digestive systems into rock-steady energy-generating furnaces.

In 60 days or less — many see results in as little as 3 days — you’ll be enjoying super-immunity, natural weight loss, daylong bursts of natural food energy, and lasting relief from indigestion.

You can also say good-bye to acid reflux, yeast infections, nagging bouts of constipation, paralyzing food and seasonal allergies, and much, much more. Here’s just a snapshot of what’s waiting for you:

Say good-bye to embarrassing gas episodes! BetaFlora stops unpleasant excess gas attacks with the soothing, deflating power of 50 billion CFUs! Nineteen probiotic super-strains help block foul-smelling gas before it forms!

No more loosening your belt after meals! BetaFlora stops post-meal bloating by creating, maintaining, and protecting a clean, highly efficient digestive tract.

Read what ordinary people have to say about BetaFlora!

“Unbelievable... the diarrhea stopped!”
“I am sending you this short note to praise your BetaFlora. A year ago I was inflicted with a knee infection that spread to my lymph nodes and created a fever of 103. The hospital treated it with antibiotics. After releasing me I incurred bouts of diarrhea. The doctors prescribed Immodium. That didn’t work. Then I read an article in Bio/Tech news about you product BetaFlora and unbelievable the diarrhea stopped. My digestion improved and the pain in my knee has gone. Thanking you for such a wonderful product.”
- R.H., Barrington, NJ.

“You’ll notice the little things at first.”
stomach rumbling
“You’re going to love the difference that BetaFlora can make in your health and your life. Your gas problem will go away; so, too, will the stomach rumbling. And that bloated sensation of constantly feeling “too full” after meals... that will disappear, too. You’ll notice a pleasant flow of energy; not the jittery, nervous kind, but a smooth, deep energy that comes from food and lasts all day.

- T. K. Ellis,

“We really love our BetaFlora!”
immune system
“We really love our BetaFlora. These little capsules have kept us really fit these past few years. We had used other similar types of Probiotic capsules before but BetaFlora with the BetaGlucan has proven to be a super product. Our immune system flushes out the toxins and garbage and bad bacteria. We have not had any colds or illness we are happy to report. We are both around 82 years of age and people think we are around 65. The addition of the BetaGlucan has made all the difference. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”
- Mr & Mrs Walter T., Florence OR

“It is a great product!”
flu bug
“I take two BetaFlora capsules every day, but if I feel like I am catching a cold, I switch to four capsules a day. It usually helps me kick the bug within a day or two.”
- Darla Kempf, Sioux Falls, SD

“I was literally starving to death!”
“Thank you for producing a product that really works. I had been suffering with a very bad case of diarrhea. My nutrients were passing right through me.
I felt like I was literally starving to death. So, I ordered a three-month’s supply of BetaFlora just to see if it would do everything you claimed it would.
As soon as I took the first four capsules I knew I was onto something wonderful. All you indicated that would happen has certainly come true. Due to the diarrhea my weight was down to140 pounds — and I am 6 feet tall! I will soon be on this product for 90 days and I now weigh 166 pounds. Solid muscle! I am 77 years of age. I will soon order my second batch!”
- H.H., Edmonds, WA.

“To Whom It May Concern”
weak digestive & immune system
“I have ordered & taken BetaFlora quite a few times now. A number of years ago, I had a serious case of food poisoning resulting in a weakened digestive & immune system. I have found that BetaFlora gives my internal system a sense of calmness, comfort & strength. My digestive process is much more at ease now. Having a Dietetics background, I am constantly researching & searching for the optimal products for myself & for my family’s health. The quality of BetaFlora is excellent. I highly recommend this product to anyone who like to maintain or improve their health to the pinnacle level.”
- M.M., Placentia CA

“Wonderful Benefits Waiting for You!”
Medixal Advisor
“I recommend the BetaFlora super-probiotic blend to my patients because it works on so many different levels. There is, of course, immediate relief from gas and constipation and other digestive complaints, but there’s also the surge of pure, natural energy from increased nutrient absorption, the long nights of restful, recuperative sleep, and the wonderful feeling of being... super-healthy. And those are just a few of the wonderful benefits waiting you.”
- Medical Advisor, Precision Life Research

officebuildingPrecision Life Research
Disappointed with the poor quality and weak potency of most nutritional formulas on the market, a team of brilliant researchers banded together for a single purpose – to create their own special line of highly potent, pharmaceutical-quality nutritional formulas. Today, armed with the latest research, Precision Life Research develops and manufactures the world’s finest line of maximum strength nutritional solutions, each derived from whole food or whole food extracts.

100% Guarantee of Satisfaction

You will be absolutely delighted with the changes
BetaFlora makes in your health. From digestive
improvements to energy, weight loss, improved
immunity, relief from allergies and heartburn and more.
Use BetaFlora every day as directed at no risk. You are
under no obligation. If you are not completely astounded
with BetaFlora’s sweeping improvements in how you look
and feel, I urge you to contact us for a FULL REFUND!
No questions asked. BetaFlora works... or it’s free!

click for more info.


Are You Ready to End your Indigestion Once and For All?
Go from nutrient-starved to energy-saturated in as little as three days... and save as much as $46.90!

Click on the offer below that best suits your health needs...

order 4 betaflora bottles order 4 betaflora bottles

one betaflora bottle Buy one Bottle

To Order by Phone, Call 1 (800) 310-1697
Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Mountain Time

For Customer Service please dial
1 (800) 310-1697

Thanks and Stay Healthy!

probiotic supporter
Susan Brown
Precision Life Research

P.S. This special discounted price will not be available for an extended period of time. BetaFlora is not available for purchase in retail stores, and is only available direct from, Precision Life Research.

P.P.S. Don’t let your digestion problems continue without taking the time to consult with a healthcare professional. If you suffer with gas, constipation and diarrhea on a regular basis, it is imperative that you treat your condition sooner, not later. Now’s the time to revitalize your digestive system and your quality of life with BetaFlora, especially when you can take advantage of this money-saving discount!

These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. Individual results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your physican before taking this product.

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